Tape Select EP

Release date: 

The second release on Lank's Bounce Back Music finds the Hungarian imprint debuting a brand new artist moniker. Krisztian Dobrocsi aka Forteba has been a fixture in Hungary's electronic music underground for many years. Kris's unique take on deep house has found a home on Plastic City where he has appeared over 20 times. For the second release on Bounce Back Music we see Kris introducing us to his brand new artist alias 'John D. Walkman'. Countless hours spent in the studio under this new guise has spawned a creative flow of more contemporary techno and cutting edge electronica. The first project under the new 'John D. Walkman' artist alias is entitled 'Tape Select' and it comes with four brand new original productions.

The low end grind and quirky hooks of 'Bass Expansion' lead the EP off and immediately your captivated by how unique the sound design is. The composition's keen dance floor sensibility is accented wonderfully with fresh tonal textures and unpredictable harmonic shifts. This leads to the ethereal and equally enthralling 'Normal Position' which continues to push the sonic characteristics and abstract harmonies of what the EP presents so expertly. The third selection and also the EP's title cut 'Tape Select' finds a myriad of clever beats and raspy low end modulation carving out a wicked groove early on. A strong musical theme pushes the innovative boundaries a notch further with an emotionally gripping finale that's full of sonically charged harmonies and gratifying granular textures. The EP's closing piece ' Type I' explores a slower tempo with a wonderfully warped groove, expressive atmospherics and a riveting climax that leaves you wanting more. An outstanding debut for this exciting new alias from Forteba and a killer release on Lank's Bounce Back Music.